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LONGI Solar is the largest manufacturer of Mono Silicon Wafers in the world (Manufacturing Capacity per year). It has also achieved the PERC efficiency World Record (23.6 percent). TÜV Rheinland announced the awards on March 22, 2018, at the Solar Congress in Wuxi, China. For the high efficiency and reliability of its mono-crystalline modules, LONGi Solar was awarded the highly coveted 2017 “PV Module Energy Yield Simulation Award.”

TÜV Rheinland’s energy yield assessment tests are extremely rigorous and include simulations of climatological conditions in five distinct regions around the world-Datong (China), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Chennai (India), Cologne (Germany)The LONGi Solar60-cell mono module was named the best performing module and winner in the entire mono group, at its conclusion.

LONGI Solar specializes in the production of mono solar cells and modules with high efficiency. For Trina, Sunpower, Q Cells and Solar World, LONGI produces mono cells. PERC technology is being used by Longi 300 watt panels PERC is a surface below the cell that is chemically treated to form a pocket. It hits the pockets, when the light passes through the cell and gets caught up. Making the cell’s use of the light that hits it more effective.

Mono Solar Modules’ Strengths:


1. Better power output due to good coefficient of temperature and lower operating cell temperature (3 – 5 percent higher than poly solar farm or power plants)

2. LONGi Product ranked No. 1 for all modules in 2016 in the TUV Rheinland power yield simulation.

3. Due to the higher power output of a single mono unit, less mounting footprint and less BOS costs

4. Due to lower energy degradation and better mechanical strength of mono solar cells, field-proven long-term reliable operation.

5. Lower LID (2%) in the first year and lower annual power attenuation (0.55% per year) can generate more electricity than in the first year.

Simulation of the Rheinland Energy Yield in 2016 for All Modules:


1. Due to the higher power output of a single mono module, less mounting footprint and less BOS costs.

 2. Due to lower power degradation and better mechanical strength of mono solar cells, field-proven, long-term reliable operation.

3. Lower LID(28)/0) can generate more power than POLY in the first year and lower annual power attenuation (0.55% per year).

4. The degradation is much less. The 1st year degradation for the PERC unit is 2%, and the degradation from 2nd year to 25 years is 0.55%.

5. The ideal structure of crystal allows a lower chance of micro-crack.

Longi’s LR6 60OPH 355M, LR6-60HPH 315w & LR6-60HPH 315w can be acquired at the wholesale rate at Prosun Solar.

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