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There is no doubt that since Huawei entered the Global Inverter Market they have changed the game leaving the rest behind trying to play catch up.

This is reflected in their Global Sales holding the Number One Position dethroning the same old Companies that have been resting on their Laurels and not showing much Technical Progress.

In fact Huawei is good for the Market by merely threatening the old guard to lift their game.

Huawei’s influential threat is so great that others have even started to copy their Inverter Cover Design.

However, this is not good enough as it is only skin deep.

Huawei’s Technological Base comes from a different space and looks like they will always have the proverbial Technological Upper Hand!

Huawei’s Technological reach means that AI will be embedded into every connected object!

What does this mean for the Solar Industry?

Inverters talking to each other will be able to Optimise a System thus extracting the Output Potential of a System.

Prosun Solar, Australia’s Leading preferred Wholesale Distributer of Renewable Products is proud to be one of a handful of Wholesalers to Exclusively Distribute the Huawei Brand.

“We are proud to be linked a Technological Juggernaut!” proclaimed John K, Prosun brand Ambassador; “Huawei Products ensure we give our Customers not only the latest in Technology but safe and secure in the Finest Quality as other Brands have many Warranty issues!”

“Huawei’s Smart Energy Centre for the Residential Market is a Godsend. We are able to prepare hard working Australians for a Battery Storage Future with an easy all in one Installation”

Huawei have just expanded the Range to include a New 3 Phase 5 and 6 kw Smart Energy Centre which is Battery Ready and a New 3 Phase Smart String Inverter from 8 to 20 kw. These feature Built in PID Recovery which reduces up to 70% Module Output Loss and are part of Prosun Solar Catalogue.

With many more innovative Products at the testing stage and near release, Huawei’s impact on the Global Energy Market will increase as they introduce and integrate New Technologies into their Products.

Other leading Brands will have to make sure that their Investment into R&D is increased if they are to equalise the playing field.

This does not seem to be likely in the near future as Huawei’s Vertical  Technological Integration between Products as a Global Electronics Manufacturer will ensure that they are always ahead and setting the Newest of Benchmarks!

You can find the Full Range of Huawei Renewable Products at Prosun Solar.

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