Prosun Solar Australia Signs MOU with Jolywood Solar Technology

November 10, 20220

Prosun Solar Australia has signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a solar panel company called Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co, Ltd., a pioneer in n-type TOPCON Modules, to promote high-quality panels in the Australian and Pakistani solar energy markets.

With the MOU, Prosun Solar Australia is honouring its commitment to provide the planet with clean energy and in the pursuit of a sustainable environment. For more than a decade, Prosun Solar has contributed to Australia’s green future by enhancing the clean, sustainable energy market with high-quality European products. Now we are aiming towards the Asia-Pacific region to continue to provide clean, sustainable energy from as many sources as possible.

Prosun Solar has established a strong relationship with leading global manufacturers, which is evident in its high-quality products. We are proud to be one of the first companies to introduce n-type TOPCON modules in both Pakistan and Australia. To achieve this, our company is looking forward to having a long-term cooperation with Jolywood.

Prosun Solar is delighted to sign an MOU with the world’s leading company to strengthen Australia and Pakistan’s renewable market. Jolywood Solar Technology Co. Ltd. and Prosun Solar Australia’s MoU aims to set the stage for a more environmentally responsible future for our planet and promote n-type TOPCON technology. We believe that this technology represents a major shift in solar PV systems and is now our best bet at beating back climate change.

The goal of Prosun Solar is to collaborate with Jolywood to benefit both parties. The MoU will ensure the supply of 550W n-type TOPCON Modules. Prosun Solar is supplying these cutting-edge solar modules to assist in making the Asia-pacific region greener. Let us dive deeper into how this technology works, and how it can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and save money while doing so.

What is N-type Technology?

Innovations and advancements in solar technology have created a unique technology referred to as the n-type. There are different types of solar panels, like p-type solar panels and n-type solar panels. The main difference between these panels is because the number of electrons each contains.

In standard silicon solar panels, silicon wafers are mixed with chemicals to generate power. P-types and N-types differ in the chemicals used during manufacturing. P-Type solar panels contain boron mixed with silicon wafers.

Compared to silicon, boron has one fewer electron, which makes it a positively charged material. In contrast, an n-type solar cell uses phosphorus, which has an extra electron than silicon, which creates an n-type solar cell negatively charged.

What is TOPCON Technology?

The TOPCON solar cell also referred to as a passivated contact solar cell, is hailed as the next advancement in solar cell technology after PERC. Originally presented to the world in 2013, this novel architecture was developed through the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Germany.

The present PERC technology can enhance TOPCON. Lower capital investment is required for existing PERC manufacturers who want to upgrade their current production lines. Additionally, a significant improvement in solar cell efficiency can be made.

The term “Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact” is abbreviated as TOPCON. To create a passivation contact structure, TOPCON prepares an incredibly thin layer of silicon oxide on the back of the cells before depositing a thin layer of doped silicon.

This technique effectively reduces surface composite and metal contact compounding and increases space for N-PERC battery conversion efficiency. TOPCON uses tunnel oxide passivated contact solar cells based on the principle of selective carriers.

Why Prosun Chose Jolywood?

There are multiple reasons why Prosun Solar technology chose Jolywood’s n-type TOPCON technology. The first and foremost underlying reason is Jolywood is the leader of an n-type bifacial manufacturer.

Additionally, it delivers reliable performance over time and best-in-class durability.
Prosun is bringing this ground-breaking technology to these countries to offer 10-30% additional power generation due to this advanced 550W solar panels n-type TOPCON Module. This n-type solar module naturally has no LID (Light Induced Degradation), which can increase power generation.

Prosun opted for 550W solar panels n-type TOPCON to provide their customers with a module which have outstanding power output even under low light environments like cloudy or foggy days. Plus, this technology is a better temperature coefficient.
n-type TOPCON Module performs remarkably well in harsh environments, including snowfields, hot, humid regions, and windy and dusty weather.


Prosun Solar Australia signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a solar panel company called Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co. Ltd. to distribute 550W solar panels NTYPE TOPCON Module.

To promote the growth of the solar industry in Australia and Pakistan, Prosun Solar Australia has partnered with Jolywood. Prosun Solar will be able to access N TYPE TOPCON technology and receive support to expand its solar business in both countries because of the MoU.

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