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Prosun Solar, Australia’s Premier Distributor of Quality Renewable Products received Sungrow’s Australia Distributor Award for 2019.

The Award is given for Exemplary Results and Outstanding Performance in the Distribution Sales and Marketing in Australia.

Due to Prosun Solar Australia astronomical Sales contribution, Sungrow Australia has already achieved their Annual target before the year’s end.

A Historic achievement to say the least!

“We are delighted with the Award” proud CEO M. Tahir exclaimed. “The Award acknowledges the hard work of the entire Prosun Team and the valued Partnership between Sungrow and Prosun!”

Prosun Solar Australia recently signed a 100 MW Distribution Agreement with Sungrow which was highlighted at the recent “All Energy Show” in Melbourne.

The strategic Partnership has seen Prosun already achieve their committed Target, something unheard of in Australian Distribution Circles.

Sungrow’s latest Product offerings and reputation has seen the Company propel itself to New Heights in Australia from the Residential to the Large Commercial Space.

Highlights include 5 kw SH5K-20 Hybrid Battery System and the new SG110-CX 110 kw Inverter.

“The Australian Market is demanding High Quality Reliable Products and Sungrow fulfils that need!” proclaimed William Teh Prosun National Sales Manager. “We are honoured by the Award and are proud to be a Strategic Partner of Sungrow”

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