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Prosun Solar Australia goes European at SEC 2021

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Prosun Solar Australia goes European at SEC 2021

Prosun Solar, Australia’s most Progressive Distributor of Renewables is set to Feature its European Range of Modules, Inverters & Battery Systems at SEC 2021 (Smart Energy Council) Exhibition and Conference May 12th & 13th 2021 at the Sydney Convention 7 Exhibition Centre.

For the first time Australian Retailers and Consumers will have the opportunity to adopt High Quality European Solar and Battery Systems for their Projects.
This is a First in Australia as consumers were only limited to two European Inverters in the past!

In an Industry dominated by a small number of Overseas Products as in their Port of Origin, Prosun has secured the Distribution Rights to Import, Represent and Distribute European Brands that have been dominating the Global Market for Years!

“We are not only excited to have a Live Show once again for our Industry but we are also excited to bring to Australia a New Choice of High End European Products to the Market!”
Proclaimed enthusiastically CEO of Prosun Solar, M. Tahir
“It’s been a long time coming and everyone is screaming for another choice!”

The good News does not end there as Prosun will also once again be featuring the Future of the Solar Module with the N Type Top Con Cell as we slowly see the demise of Perc!

“N Type Top Con is the Future!” explained John K Prosun’s Brand Ambassador.
“We have already seen this Technology feature in one Brand that has outpriced everyone that has wanted to adopt it. However we have secured the rights with one of the only 3 Global Manufacturers at a fraction of the cost!”

Prosun’s Exhibition Booth 29 will surely be a Main Attraction and All are Welcome to visit and experience Products which are available now and some coming soon that will advance the Progress of Green Energy in Australia.

Some of the Companies and Products Featured will be, the only European Company listed on Bloomberg Tier 1, Recom with 3 Products, The Black Panther MBB Module, Puma Shingled Technology and The Jaguar Tri Cut Zero Gap Inter Plate Tech with a Low Temperature Co Efficiency of only -0.29%!

Aleo, Made in Germany this Boutique Manufacturer has won Multiple Awards for the Highest Quality Modules reflected in their 25 Year Product and Output Guarantee.
There is no other Manufacturer that can compete on this Level!

Energetica would have to be the most Technologically advanced Solar Company in the World with its Patented e.ISP Integrated Shadow Protection.
The Austrian Manufacturing Giant is changing the face of Module Production through its imaginative and unique ways of Engineering and has recently won a Prestigious Award from Global PV Magazine.
Fimer a European and Global Giant since 1942 and 4th Largest Inverter Manufacturer brings it’s Grid Connectivity Expertise to a New Inverter Range.
Made in Italy, finally we have another High Quality Inverter & Battery Storage choice to combine with these Amazing European Modules.

In the latest Module Technology Prosun will feature and Highlight Jolywood’s N Type Top Con Cell in a Bifacial Module that is taking the World by storm!
Without the deficiencies and inadequacies of Perc N Type is the Future of Large Scale Solar Cell Production.
JW is a recent winner of Global PV Magazines Materials Award.

Other Companies represented at the Prosun Exhibit will be APS, a long standing Partner of Prosun with their High Quality Micro Inverters, The World’s Top 3 UPS Companies in Kehua Tech, Solax will feature it’s 4th Generation of Hybrids and So Far Solar will Showcase a New 20 kw 3 Phase Hybrid as it also reaches out to provide Australia with the most inexpensive Battery Storage Systems ever seen – The Amass!

The SEC Show is another step toward Normality after the Holiday of Covert as we continue the endeavour to create a better World through Green and Environmental Technologies.

Prosun Solar is a Progressive Company and Proud of its Contributions to the Australian Renewable Market.

Come see the Future at Prosun Solar Exhibit 29 at Smart Energy Council Exhibition and Conference May 12th & 13th 2021 at the Sydney Convention Centre.

For more information on the Show and or Products you can Contact John K Direct on +61 431 713 679 or
Visit Prosun on

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