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Prosun Solar will be displaying it’s Fine Catalogue of Quality Products at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition Sydney. The Exhibition takes place at the International Convention Centre on the 7th & 8th of April 2020.

Always the Star of the Show Prosun will once again highlight the reason it has become a Premium Distributor of Renewable Products in Australia. Prosun is unique in the Industry as it concentrates on a Small Range of Quality Products.

Prosun is not a Solar Super Market. It’s emphasis is on proven Global Companies with Technological advanced Products.

One of the Highlights of the Show will be the New 2020 Sungrow Range of Inverters. Sungrow has grown into one of the Finest Companies in it’s Field and the New Range will cement their place as a Global Leader.

Prosun won the Sungrow Excellent Distributor Award 2019 after signing a 100 MW Distribution Agreement – an Australian Record!

Sungrow SG5K-D Premium – String Inverter features Built in Isolator and a 10 Year Full Warranty. The New Single Phase Hybrid SH5K-30 has inbuilt EPS and can be used Off Grid and On Grid.

Star of the Show will be the Sungrow 3 Phase Hybrids SH5.0RT & SH10RT, Off and On Grid, Built in EPS and isolators! Also, on display from Sugrow, Prosun will feature the Mammoth SG110 kw CX Inverter and SBP4K8 Sungrow’s Battery built by Samsung.

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