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There is no denying that JA Solar has been a dominant Global force since 2005 in the Renewable Energy Sector. The reason, High Quality Solar Modules coupled with exceptional Research and Development. For these reasons Prosun Solar is a natural fit for JA in Australia as these are the characteristics and values that Prosun has embraced in their Business Model – High Quality, Technological Innovation with a Global Presence!

Recently Prosun Solar and JA signed a Distribution Agreement for an undisclosed amount. JA who have been dominating the Global Large Scale Renewable Sector believe that Prosun are best positioned to make an impact on the Australian Residential and Small Commercial Sector. Known for their unrelenting Marketing and in escalating the Image of Products, Prosun lead the charge in Australia of domesticating Brands in the Market Place.

JA believe that for those reasons Prosun is the perfect fit! “That is our Forte!” exclaimed John K Brand Ambassador of Prosun. “We have an ability to take unknown or lesser known Brands in Australia and turn them into Household names! Obviously Quality is essential, combined with a close Relationship where both Companies can work as one.”

Prosun Solar will be showcasing the New JA 330 Watt Solar Panel at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Sydney on April the 7th and 8th 2020. The JAM60S10 330 watt features a Half Cut Mono Cell with Black Frame with a Module efficiency of 19.6% and will be a Flagship Product in the Prosun Arsenal!

Visit Prosun Solar at Booth 29 at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Sydney to see the latest instalment from JA and other High Quality Brands and Products.

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