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Prosun Solar, Australia’s Premier Renewable Distribution Company had the great honour of receiving Professor Cao Renxian at Prosun Headquarters last Thursday the 26th of September 2019.

The owner and Founder of a leading Inverter Company in the World graced the Offices of Prosun Solar in a gesture of solidarity and support on the agreed Terms of the Partnership.

“We are truly Honoured!” Stated Mr. Tahir CEO of Prosun Solar. “Professor Cao Renxian has come all the way from China to show his support and enthusiasm. We are truly humbled”

Professor Cao Renxian founded the Company in 1997 after giving up his position as a Lecturer at Hefei University.

His Ultraistic ideas have taken the Company to be worth in excess of $1.5 Billion and has claimed a leading position globally.

The Professor escorted by Zhou Gang Managing Director Sungrow Australia and his Team spent more than 4 Hours at Prosun Headquarters and discussed the future of Solar, Research and Development and the Australian Market.

“The Australian Market is very important to us. Prosun Solar is a most important Partnership as it holds the same values of Quality as we do in our Products and Service Globally.” Proclaimed the Professor. “We are extremely happy to have found a Partner with the same values”

Sungrow’s Agreement with Prosun Solar will see the two Companies join forces in the Distribution and Marketing of Sungrow’s Inverter and Battery Storage Catalogue for the Residential and Commercial Markets in Australia.

Sungrow’s Plug and Play Battery System featuring Samsung’s Lithium Battery has been a hit since its release earlier this Year.

Sungrow is also set to feature a New 110 kw Inverter for the Commercial Market.

Managing Director of Sungrow Australia Zhou Gang also spoke about the next Generation of Inverters that will feature some New Amazing Innovations.

Prosun Solar has contributed to a large increase in the Market Share of Sungrow Inverters in Australia in recent Months and the visit of Professor Cao Renxian has truly solidified the relationship between the two Companies. Apart from increases in Market Share, Prosun is seen as adding Value to the Sungrow Brand in Australia, through Prosun’s Marketing and Educational Campaigns and an increased reputation of the quality of the Products.

Prosun Solar will display the Sungrow Range at The All Energy Show in Melbourne on the 23rd and 24th of October 2019 at the Prosun Booth.

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