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Prosun Solar is Proud to announce the Signing of an Exclusive Australian Distribution Agreement with Haitai Solar for the Unique Technologically Record breaking Tarzan Solar Module Range. Established in 2006 Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology has had Major Global success especially in the European and Japanese Markets.

The ethos of the Company has been to concentrate on New Technologies to advance the Power Output of Crystalline Cells.The Tarzan Series uses a Unique Circuit Design – Plate Interconnection as opposed to the conventional String Circuit. Plate Interconnection is a Network of Longitude and Latitude Connections that form Parallel and Series Circuits in Parallel thus avoiding congestion.

Plate Coupling Interconnection and the decrease of width of welding of the Cells contribute to increasing efficiency and output and reducing The Hot Spot effect and Micro Cracking. Watch this video for more info.

Prosun Solar is the perfect fit for Haitai Solar in Australia as it has the right credentials and a reputation of introducing and Marketing New Advance Technological Products to the Australian Renewable Market.“We are Proud to represent the Tarzan Series in Australia” proclaimed Mr. M. Tahir CEO of Prosun Solar. “Our aim is to educate the Australian Renewable Sector and make Haitai Solar a Household name!”

Tarzan HTM -TSA is a slick All Black Module with a head turning visual appearance, however it’s finest features are under the hood with an incredible P Max of 0.244% leaving all other leading Brands in its wake such as LG, Jinko, Canadian, Q Cells and others that average out at 0.360%. Other Features include Plate Coupling Technology, Anti – Aging Film, Hot Spot Immunity, Micro Crack Free and many others.

With an amazing 18 Year Product Warranty and a 30 Year Linear Output Warranty Haitai Solar Tarzan Range and its Partnership with Prosun Solar, is sure to take a large slice from a very competitive Market as Australians demand the highest Quality in Renewable Products. To see the New Haitai Tarzan Module Range contact Prosun Solar on 1300 PROSUN or visit at

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