LONGi Solar is the largest single crystal manufacturer in the world, and engaged in providing high-quality product and service for photovoltaic and semiconductor products.  April 2012, the Company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH601012), which is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline silicon wafers in the world, with totally assets above $1.7billion. Longi Group was awarded as the “The Top 10 Most Innovative Enterprises in China in2013” by American famous media Fast Company. In September 2014, LONGI Stock was selected as the “Future Top 100 for Chinese Enterprises” published by ACCA and ranked the 17th. In December 2014, the Company was selected as “Top 50 Listed Companies in China West”; In 2015, the Company was rewarded as “2015 China Energy Source Innovative Reward” by China Energy Development and Innovation Forum.

Longi Solar – LR6 60OPH 350M

  • Positive power tolerance (0 ~ +5W)guaranteed
  • High module conversion efficiency (up to 20.3%)
  • Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first year < 2%
  • Better energy yield with excellent low irradiance performance and temprature coefficient
  • Robust frame (35mm) withstands mechanical loading of 5400Pa for snow load on front and 2400Pa for wind load on rear side

Longi Solar – LR6-60HPH 315w

  • Positive Power Tolerance: (0 +5W) guaranteed
  • High Module Conversion Efficiency: Up to 19.3 %
  • Slower Power Degradation enable by low LID MONO PERC technology: first year <2%; 0.55% year 2-25
  • Solid PID Resistance: ensured by solar cell process optimization and careful module BOM selection
  • Reduced resistive loss with lower operating current
  • Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature
  • Reduced hot spot risk with optimized electrical design and lower operating current