About Fimer Company

Fimer is one of the World’s Leading Technological Companies in the Field of Large Scale Industrial – Utilities Central Inverters of Hundreds and Thousands of KVA.

Delivering over 11 GW of capacity a year and with over 46 GW in installed capacity, FIMER is the Fourth Largest Solar Inverter supplier in the world.

Fimer specialise in Solar Inverters and E-Mobility Systems and offer a full range of inverter and EV Charging Solutions for the Home, Business, Industrial and Utility size projects.

Fimer has a strong commitment to a Green Planet with a prioritised emphasis on Distributed Generation of Solar Energy via Transmission Systems including Micro Grids that interconnect Electrical Loads with National and Independent Power sources and Storage Solutions.

Founded in 1942, FIMER has over 1,100 employees in 26 countries, and its skills are further strengthened by the bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in Research and Development.

FIMER Australia has 25 employees at its Head Office in Melbourne and Sydney, Warehouses, and State-of-the-Art Repair & Support Centre.

With the acquisition and integration of ABB’s Solar Inverter Business in early 2020, FIMER took a decisive step forward in its strategy focusing on the Solar Sector.

The Company’s Business strength is the result of the combination of FIMER with ABB’s Solar Inverter Business (including the former Power One Business acquired by ABB in 2013) building on the strong Heritage and History of each Company.

The acquired inverter range from ABB Solar will begin to see the brand change to FIMER in mid-2021.

FIMER’s beliefs are well aligned with Prosun Solar Australia and we are proud to be a Major FIMER Distribution Partner offering their complete Range of Single and Three Phase Inverters and Energy Storage Solutions for the Residential and Commercial market.

Made in Italy, Fimer Products provide High Performance, Reliability and Flexibility packed with Technological Features including Fantastic Warranty Coverage.

Partnership Information

Fimer Company Highlights

  • Founded in 1942
  • 26 Countries, 5 Continents
  • 4thLargest Global Inverter Company
  • String inverters are designed and made in Italy
  • 11+ GW Production
  • 46+ GW installed capacity
  • Australian Presence with offices, warehouse and local support staff
  • Leading technological features
  • Highest quality with easy commissioning capability
  • Wireless access and web user interface
  • Free monitoring for life
  • Dynamic Feed-in Control
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade
  • Built-in Isolators
  • Single & Three Phase, Hybrid and Battery Solutions

Additional Documents

  • Installation Manual
  • Warranty

EV charger accessory FIMER FLEXA Stand

  • The FIMER FLEXA Stand is equipped with:
    • Dedicated LED lighting, to highlight the charging point.
    • Power supply for LED lighting
    • Electrical protections RCD type A + MCB
    • Power supply for LED lights 10 Watts, 12 Volts


EV charger

Type 2 plug (cord version) and type 2 socket (socket version)
• Charging mode / Case: 2 and 3
• Load manager, master-slave and RFiD reader functions
• Lock – retention of the socket during charging (socket version)
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
• Recycled plastic 100%
• Built-in flash memory to store and save data
• Anti-intrusion magnet
• RCD type A opening function
• External magnetic current transformer and meter mid for
energy reading
• Mounting onto Wallbox Stand and management of its built-in
electric protections (HCB + RCD type A)
• Mounting flexibility


Plug&Charge operation mode (recharge activation without RFiD)
• Back-up power supply with super “Supercap” capacitors
• Internal temperature sensors
• Stainless steel case
• Charging sockets equipped with protection and safety systems
(shutter-type, vandal proof)
• Automatic reclosure of the type A differential circuit breaker
• Shutter-type auto reclosing sockets, vandal-proof
• External management system – MODBUS TCP/IP for local
monitoring and backing up of data



Technical details:
• 3 simultaneous charging sessions (2 DC + 1 AC)
• 2 simultaneous DC charging at 30 kW, namely a total power of 60
kW (or higher, depending on the version)
• Modular architecture ranging from 60 kW – 90 kW – 120 kW up
to 150 kW
• Dynamic distribution of the DC output current load (internal
management through the data matrix contactor)
• IP54, IK10
• Meter MID certified
• 96% power efficiency for energy-saving