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Leap above the Competition with RECOM’s PUMA Series

By July 1, 2021 No Comments

RECOM: Changing the World One Panel at a Time

Hamlet Tunyan, CEO of RECOM famously said that it was our generation that could change the world. These words ring truer with each passing day, as the world we live in continues to change and morph in unpredictable and distressing ways, largely on account of unabated global warming and relentless climate change. Mr. Tunyan was undoubtedly trying to inspire change and the fact of the matter is that we cannot ignore our responsibilities to the planet we live in. Protecting Australia and the world at large from the calamitous effects of unbridled fossil fuel use is intrinsic to the vision of both RECOM and Prosun Solar. Fortunately for us all, we live in a time when solar PV systems are no longer niche or vanity projects.

Modern technology has allowed solar panel systems to become ubiquitous in modern society and with advancements in this technology, adoption of solar technology is only going to increase world-over. By reducing our collective reliance on fossil fuels, humanity has the chance to solve its myriad of conflicts arising from the need to access the Earth’s diminishing supply of fossil fuel. When the nations of the world no longer have to stare energy deprivation in the face, we will undeniably become more attuned to the suffering of those less privileged and the state of our degrading global environment. Ours is a generation that can realize this dream, nay ours is a generation that must. Failure is simply not an option.

RECOM and Prosun Solar are working hand-in-glove to make our collective vision come true sooner rather than later. Our vision is one of sustainability, an equitable distribution of energy across the globe and the extinction of human conflict that arises from energy deprivation. Based in France, RECOM is a world leading renewable energy company. It has the distinction of being the only European PV (photovoltaic) module manufacturer, and has a discernible presence in over 90 countries.

RECOM has sold over 2GW worth of solar modules to date and these numbers are only climbing with each passing year. Impressive as these achievements are, they by no means eclipse the company’s development and power production wing, which is equally essential to RECOM’s vision. RECOM owned solar power projects in the United States and Europe exceed 250MW, and now with Prosun Solar, RECOM is making waves in the Australian market. RECOM is one of the few companies that offers peak performance for affordable pricing, and is a viable European alternative to the multitude of Chinese solar PV companies that have flooded the Australian market. Customers no longer have to choose between quality and affordability. RECOM, it merits mentioning, is the only European solar module manufacturer with a Bloomberg Tier 1 rating. The company unites the best of both worlds; delivering top-of-the-line hardware, manufactured to exemplary European standards, and the most competitive prices on the market. RECOM’s price to performance ratio is simply unmatched.

But RECOM is not just a company out to make a buck. It aims at “revolutionizing the solar experience” by making highly effective PV systems accessible to the average consumer. Be it for commercial, residential or even government use, RECOM has a solution for its customers and Prosun Solar is bringing it to your doorstep.

The current tip of RECOM’s spear, so to speak, is the PUMA series of panels. Featuring cutting-edge technology and industry leading research and development, the PUMA series of shingled PV modules is set to lead our ongoing endeavour against climate and energy insecurity.

Style Meets Efficiency: The PUMA Series

The solar industry is on the move. It is constantly changing and improving. To remain stagnant is to be cast into obscurity and disrepute. The industry has one demand above all others: constant improvement. The PUMA series delivers on this demand to perfection. The key features of the PUMA series’ design are:

  1. Higher efficiency
  2. Reduced cost
  3. Improved aesthetics

A combination of these features ensures that the PUMA series will beat out the competition for the years to come.

Higher Efficiency at Affordable Prices: A RECOM Staple

Like the panels preceding it, the many iterations of the PUMA series have a marked improvement in performance, efficiency and reliability. The basis of these upgraded performance characteristics is the mono crystalline shingled cell technology. A shingle ameliorates the panel by replacing the traditional ribbon connection with a series of shingles. With the ribbon design gone, overall thermal stress is largely reduced. The ribbons, which are made of soldered copper, are replaced by an electrically conductive adhesive. Furthermore, shingles allow higher cell density than standard half-cut modules. The front and rear edge of each shingle is connected using the aforementioned Electrical Conductive Adhesive (ECA).

The ECA provides a flexible connection, as opposed to the rigid copper connections of traditional ribbon designs. This reduces physical stress on the shingle as well as mechanical and thermal stress. As a result, the risk of microfractures is drastically reduced. Moreover, the shingle design eliminates gaps in the panel and simultaneously increases the panel’s active area. This reduces risks associated with hotspot damage and adds to the longevity of the panel. All of this translates to a heat coefficient of 0.34%/°C, which is the lowest in the industry.

As a result of the increase in efficiency, a 1 MW PUMA cell can be smaller than a standard half-cut cell module by as much as 3.1% for both commercial as well as residential installations. During internal evaluations, RECOM found that PUMA series panels have shown an increase in yield of as much as 4.1% per square meter in hot areas. This means a steel reduction in BoS costs. 13% fewer modules would be needed for the same power output. PUMA modules of a power class up to 410 Wp (this will be increased to 560 Wp from quarter 3 of 2021) and an efficiency of 20.9% receive an industry leading product and output warranty of 25 years. However, the real eye-catcher is RECOM’s 30-year, 84.95% linear performance output warranty. This warranty provides great additional value with time and is simply the best option in the market.

Improved Aesthetics

RECOM’s new PUMA panels come in three absolutely stunning colours, namely a black frame, with a white sheet and back, a silver frame with a white sheet and back, or a gorgeous full black panel. All the panels in the PUMA series are bifacial, making them even more efficient. During the manufacturing process cells are cut into 5 or 6 pieces to string in the shingle design. The overlapping cells not only present a sleek, unblemished black exterior, but they allow for an increase in heat dissipation. This contributes to the aforementioned reduction in hotspot damage and also lowers resistive losses.

Key Benefits of the PUMA Series

The PUMA series cannot be seen in isolation. They are the latest offering of a healthy, stable and very much European company, which has all the hallmarks of ingenuity and adaptability. Nonetheless, the PUMA series bring a number of key advantages to the table. These are:

  • Higher yield per surface area – Customers will need less panels for the same output in a given surface area. Conversely, the same surfaces can be used for much higher outputs.
  • Higher yield in hotter climates – Prosun Solar believes that the PUMA series are ideal for the Australian climate. They will undoubtedly increase the yield per square meter in the sunnier areas of the country.
  • Low LCOE.
  • A low Pmax of 0.300%/°C.
  • An absolutely unmatched 25-year Limited Product Warranty, or an equally alluring 30-year liner performance output warranty – With RECOM, customers are in safe hands. Not only are they buying quintessentially European, and thus, high-quality products, they can rest assured that these products are covered by the best warranties in the market.
  • Low resistive losses.

Here’s an open secret: RECO are supremely confident that the PUMA series will last long and retain its output, all the while holding its own against the harshness of the climate. This is amply reflected in the increased warranties that the company is offering, and we at Prosun Solar share this enthusiasm. There is simply nothing to complain about with these panels, and they are expected to make waves in the Australian market. The flexibility of the design protects it against snow loads and other mechanical stresses and the ECA protects it from thermal stresses. And in the worst-case scenario, should a warranty become necessary, there is simply no doubt that RECOM can and will deliver on any and all outstanding warranties. This may sound like a tired cliché, but we truly have a win-win situation with RECOM’s PUMA shingled modules.

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