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HT Solar announces next-generation solar cell module “TARZAN” series Succeeded in mass production of modules with the world’s largest class output. Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China; Representative: Wang Yong, hereinafter HT Solar) is a major manufacturer and marketer of photovoltaic modules and is being held in Shanghai, China At the world’s largest solar power fair “SNEC 2019”, the adoption of the company’s own patented technology has succeeded in mass-producing 440 watts of mass production of the new module “TARZAN” (hereinafter referred to as “Tarzan”) series that achieves the highest class output. Announced.

At the same time, the T ? V Sut Group, one of the major global certification organizations, held a ceremony to receive the Tarzan Series TUV certification at the same time. [Image:]

The Tarzan Series of modules is an aesthetic all-black “all black” in addition to high power poly-crystal and single-crystal types. High-power single-crystal Tarzan modules are suitable for small-scale power plants and low-strength roofs.

High-power polycrystalline Tarzan modules are suitable for various situations such as mega solar power plants. In addition, using the industry’s first proprietary 1/3 cut cell and plate coupling technology, it helps not only to achieve high power output of the module but also to prevent hot spots and to control power loss due to shadows. In addition, the use of a conventional crystal type cell also has excellent cost performance characteristics. Increasing module power from 380W to 420W is expected to reduce system peripheral costs by 5% -8% and cost per generation (LCoE) by 2 to 5%.

According to Wang Solar, chairman of HT Solar, “The demand for high-power, high-quality and cost-effective modules is growing around the world, including in advanced markets such as Japan. In anticipation of such an increase in demand, we started working on in-house research and development in 2017 and finally succeeded in mass-producing products.

The Tarzan Series launched next month for the Japanese market, the fourth quarter of this year Up to 420w Tarzan Mo Start mass production supply of Joule. Please look forward to it! And said his enthusiasm. At HT Solar, we introduce state-of-the-art production equipment and consistently perform from production of polycrystalline silicon ingot to assembly of solar modules under international certification in environmental management and quality control. We have abundant experience in supplying OEMs to major Japanese and European electric manufacturers, and we supply modules to countries around the world with a production capacity of 4.5GW in Vietnam and 1GW in Vietnam.

Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Company Name: Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Tangshan Haitai New Technology Co., Ltd.) Established: April 2006 Capital: RMB 247 million (approximately 3.8 billion yen) Representative King Yong Location: No.88 Aumen Road, Tantai Industrial Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei China Number of employees: 1,150 Business description: Production and sales of solar cell modules, production and sales of polycrystalline silicon wafers, investment of solar power plants, etc. HT Solar Co., Ltd. Company Name: HT Solar Co., Ltd. (100% owned by Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) Established: June 20, 2013 Capital: 10 million yen Representative: Wang Yong (President, Tangshan Haitai New Technology Co., Ltd.) Location: 1-chome, 1-chome, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Otemachi Park Building 8F Industry: Solar cell module sales, after service, construction and sales of power generation system using solar cell modules Homepage: HT Solar Ltd.

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