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With the anticipated release of Hanergy’s SHJ Module featuring HIT Technology, the comparison with an anonymous famous Perc Module seem to justify the hype and reinforce the Press Releases of a New Global Conversion Rate Record of 24.85%.

Here are some key comparison points:

Hanergy’s advanced SHJ technology has set the global standard owing to significant progress in its conversion efficiency rate. During the past two years, the conversion rate of Hanergy SHJ technology has achieved an absolute increase of 1% per year. After setting China’s record in August 2018 and January 2019, Hanergy has raised the bar higher, setting a world record of 24.85% conversion efficiency.

The German testing body Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH) has certified its silicon heterojunction thin film battery technology (“SHJ technology”) as the World’s most efficient.

“As a global technology forerunner in renewable energy sector, we’re bound to take a notch higher in the industry through our technological breakthroughs. Setting a new world record for SHJ technology is a testimony of our constant efforts to better our technology and to make the world greener. We’ll continue to set new benchmarks in the industry.” Mr. Zhang Bin, Hanergy’s senior vice president said in a recent interview.

“More importantly, the SHJ technology was developed with low-cost production technology as well as mass production equipment, contrary to many other record setting technologies that were developed in a laboratory setting. This means that Hanergy’s SHJ technology can be used directly for mass production,” he added.

See Hanergy’s SHJ Bifacial 365 watt Panel at the Global Launch Prosun Solar Booth at Melbourne’s All Energy Show October 23 2019 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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