About Fimer

The future is solar.
We are ready for the new sustainable
energy era.Fimer

In a global scenario where the demand for renewable energy is constantly growing, we are a leading global manufacturer of inverters for solar systems.
For us investing and working in the solar and e-mobility sectors is a strategic choice for building a better world to leave to future generations.
  • UNO - DM Series
  • PVS Series
  • EV Charger
  • Storage

Single Phase Inverters

In StockSolar Inverter UNO-DM-1.2/2.0/3.0 TL-PLUS-Q

In StockSolar Inverter UNO-DM-3.3/4.0/4.6/5.0 TL-PLUS-Q

In StockSolar Inverter UNO-DM-6.0-TL-PLUS-Q

Three Phase Inverters

In StockSolar Inverter PVS-50/60-TL

In StockSolar inverter PVS-100/120-TL

In StockFIMER PVS 10 12.5-15 TL EN

In StockFIMER PVS – 20-30-33 TL EN

In StockEN – FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox

In StockEV charger accessory FIMER FLEXA Stand

In StockEN – FIMER FLEXA AC Station


In StockFIMER REACT 2-3.6-5.0 TL EN RevA

In StockSolar Inverter PV + Storage

Vision, Mission and Values

We do not wait for things to happen: we have the energy to make them happen.


Our vision is to shape a new and powerful energy model that
uses the power of the sun to drive progress and prosperity for a
cleaner and sustainable world.


As a global leader in solar inverter technology, we have the energy
to make positive change happen. We are committed to leveraging
the energy playing field to serve growing demands with clean,
affordable energy which truly benefits people and places.

These are the values that sit at the core of our DNA at FIMER


Every day we strive to offer our customers reliable
and highly technological solutions and to build a
world where energy is used in a sustainable manner
for future generations.


We never stop. We are a company that has growth
in its DNA, able to evolve and improve, perfecting
our know-how and our expertise.

This is reflected in the passion we put into our work,
into the solutions we create and into the
technologies we design every day.


We are close to our customers in all challenges
with expertise, to ensure the quality and distinctive
excellence of our solutions. We want to leave a mark.

A guarantee for those who invest in
our professionalism.


We are quick to interpret changes and fast at
adapting to market developments. We are able to
constantly improve and work hard to be number one
when it counts, where it counts.

Our skills and our ability to make the most of change
are an integral part of our way of being.