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November 4, 2021


The sun – a source of unlimited power and our world quite literally revolves around it, yet humanity has collectively chosen to ignore. Only recently, has solar energy come to the forefront of our collective consciousness, and subsequently, the solar power industry has advanced enough to become not only affordable but also efficient. For instance, solar power contributed only 3.1 per cent to Australia’s electricity grid in 2016-2017.[1] As of 27 October 2020, 21 per cent of Australian households have rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and they have a combined capacity exceeding 10 gigawatts (GW).[2]

Australia has undoubtedly made leaping strides in integrating solar power into the national grid, and much of the world is following suit. Renewable energy is on the rise everywhere across the globe, and the lion’s share of this global industrial push to integrate environmentally-friendly forms of energy, fueled by socio-political movements around the globe, belongs to the solar industry.[3] Keeping in view these national and global trends, as well as recent leaps in technology, there has never been a better time to go solar. There are just no two ways about it. Modern solar panels can provide the consumer savings of as much as eight to fifteen per cent on monthly electricity bills and are on average, fifty per cent more efficient and powerful than panels available eight years ago.[4] In the future, as solar technology matures and develops even further, we can expect these numbers to only increase.

One of the reasons why the solar PV industry is so popular and booming is that it harnesses the most easily available form of energy, i.e. sunlight. Sunlight is pure energy. When the sun’s rays come into contact with the silicon-based solar panels, they are converted into electrical current. A control unit then harnesses the current and converts it into safe, clean and affordable electricity. The electricity then passes through a breaker-box after which it reaches an outlet. It can now be used to power electrical appliances.

Among the leading solar PV industries in the world is RECOM. Not only does RECOM provide some of the finest solar panels in Australia, but also around the world; all appropriately selected to suit the needs of projects in question. All RECOM modules are subjected to exhaustive in-house and independent quality control testing to ensure their industry-leading quality. Known for their highly efficient, reliable and durable PV modules, it should come as no surprise that RECOM is the only European Solar Company Listed as Tier 1 on Bloomberg.

Established in 2007 RECOM is the largest PV manufacturer in Europe. The company has a global presence via its IPP enterprises and has a diverse pipeline of utility power projects. RECOM has established itself as a technologically advanced and high-quality manufacturer from its facilities in Lannion, France and Padua, Italy. RECOM’s global reach is extensive, with large-scale projects in Europe and North America and it is currently reaching the Australian market through a distribution agreement with Prosun Solar. Prosun Solar considers RECOM products to be of the uppermost quality, featuring an unbelievable temperature coefficient Pmax of -0.244%. All this coupled with the astonishingly good looks of RECOM’s modules makes them an easy choice for domestic and commercial use.

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Recom Company Highlights

  • Operating Since 2007
  • European Company
  • Tier 1
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Quality Control at RECOM

Customers choosing solar panels in Australia can rest assured that RECOM, through Prosun Solar, would provide them with top of the line PV modules. To ensure the quality of all their offerings, RECOM collaborates only with a select group of the most trusted partners in the solar PV industry from around the world. Every module produced by the company is covered by a twenty-five-year linear power coverage warranty as well as a twelve-year product coverage warranty. These warranties are industry-leading and reflect the immense confidence that RECOM and Prosun Solar have in the company’s ability to deliver standardized, high-quality goods to a large number of consumers. RECOM also regularly organizes customer outreach events to help consumers remain abreast of current developments in the solar PV industry, and to keep them updated on solutions most conducive for business growth.

Reliability: A RECOM Staple

Reliability means more than simply manufacturing high quality and durable products. Reliability incorporates long term planning, continued support for distributed products, and maintaining a base of production well into the foreseeable future. This sort of reliability comes from quality and experience, and it is precisely what RECOM brings to the table. With plants operating at maximum efficiency, the company can ensure a seamless flow of operations for at least the next twenty-five years and beyond. Each RECOM site is appropriately selected for optimum performance, maintenance and asset management, all of which requires an immense amount of expertise, which are in no short supply at RECOM.

What RECOM Brings to the Table

Through Prosun Solar, RECOM aims to establish itself as a leading total solar solutions provider in Australia. Drawing on years of experience and unmatched international expertise, RECOM can confidently set foot into the Australian solar PV market, safe in the knowledge that they can achieve maximum sustainability for their customers.

Financing Options

RECOM is sensitive to the financial considerations of its customers, and so, through collaborations with internationally recognized EPCs and financial institutions, to help ensure that investors, clients and partners can receive a maximum return on investments on solar PV installations. At Prosun Solar, we hope that we can help bring these attractive packages to the solar panel market in Australia. RECOM offers everything from bridge financing to favourable payment terms to its clients, and even tailor-made financing options for SMEs and MNCs worldwide. All this with added logistical support, including consultancy and connection to the grid.

RECOM’s state of the art PV modules, manufacturing processes and sophisticated financing options make it a welcome and entirely prudent addition to the solar panel market in Australia.

RECOM makes Bloomberg New Energy Finance 4Q 2019 Tier 1 Module Maker List

RECOM is a Bloomberg Tier1 manufacturer through its manufacturing hubs in Europe and cooperation with other major manufacturers across the globe. The product is cutting edge quality and it speaks for itself. With sales offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, RECOM and Prosun Solar are committed to increasing the solar PV footprint in Australia and making it the infrastructure of the future.

The Bloomberg NEF tier system aims to establish an objective and transparent criterion to ascertain the level of efficacy of solar products from companies around the globe. The criteria are based on the use of a company’s solar panels in utility-scale solar projects over two years. Each company’s modules are observed over this period and the bankability of their offerings is measured through non-recourse bank-financed options. Needless to say, only a small number of European solar PV manufacturers have made the tier 1 list, and RECOM is among them, as of 2019.

Commercial Solutions

RECOM offers a variety of solutions for commercial enterprises, regardless of their scale of operations. Be they small businesses, manufacturing plants, warehouses, or even large scale industrial and commercial enterprises, any business can make the most of solar power. For almost no up-front expense, a business can not only reduce costs but also open up additional streams of revenue by converting under-utilized areas into sources of revenue generation. In this way, areas that serve one purpose can be retrofitted to cut expenses or generate revenue as a business sees fit. By installing RECOM solar panels in parking spaces, on rooftops or in vacant plots or spaces, companies can make the most of limited space. This will substantially reduce the cost of power from commercial rates and steadily generate value for the company. There is simply no downside to this, especially in a country like Australia, where most of the days are sunny.

RECOM’s Growing International Footprint

RECOM’s international footprint has been growing of late, and this should serve to inspire confidence in investors and clients.

Vietnam is a leading country for solar power generation in South-East Asia and has a capacity of 5.5GW installed as of 2019. Within the next five years, this capacity is expected to triple. RECOM has collaborated with one of Vietnam’s largest developers, Savina Power JSC to deploy 6MW worth of modules to three major industrial solar projects.

A step, which has greatly expanded RECOM’s footprint in the European solar panel market, was the acquisition of SUNWATT and the completion of three major commercial installations in Geneva. SUNWATT has forty years of experience in the solar industry, and its incorporation into RECOM will only serve to expand the company’s already considerable expertise.

Moreover, RECOM is also working with their American partners at ExxonMobil to convert their New York Project site to solar energy. This is part of an ongoing trend by major oil companies to switch, in part, to solar power to espouse sustainable business practices.[5] Exxon’s vision in 2018 was to secure between 150-200MW of solar and wind power combined, with contracts lasting twelve, fifteen or twenty years. The conversion of their New York site to solar power is part of their vision to decrease carbon emissions and reduce overhead expenses.[6] [7]

Prosun Solar hopes to make Australia the next big destination for RECOM, and in doing so, help diversify the market for solar panels in Australia. We hope to contribute to not only keeping Australia Green and clean but also providing Australian businesses with efficient and cost-effective alternatives to solar power well into the foreseeable future.